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Offshore Seabed Sediment Data

This layer provides particle size analysis associated with offshore sampling activities. It contains a variety of types of particle size analysis; these include folk analysis, gravel, sand and mud percentages, phi and half-phi sand analysis and carbonate analysis based on gravel, sand and mud fractions. Note these data are primarily from the seabed, but contain some data at depth. BGS data input methodologies used in the past between northern and southern parts of BGS vary. The underlying PHI data values are sound except where human error may have occurred. Where the sand PHI weight analysed was a split/fraction of the total sand component of the sample the northern and southern parts of BGS adopted differing data recording methods. The BGS northern part of BGS generally recorded the sand PHI weight for each PHI interval for the actual volume of sample analysed. The BGS southern part of BGS generally took the sand PHI weight for each PHI interval then calculated the percentage of each PHI sand interval and used these values to back calculate the PHI sand weight representative of the total sand which was then recorded in the database. Related data in Offshore Sample Data - Activity & Scan collection.

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