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Offshore Geophysical Lines

Contains information and data for offshore geophysical survey lines and start/end of line co-ordinates. Geophysical surveys include shallow seismic reflection (e.g. airgun, boomer, pinger, sparker and water gun) and sonar (e.g. echo sounder, sidescan sonar and transit sonar). There may be several equipments deployed on a single survey line. In addtion to SURVEY_LINE_ID, survey lines are uniquely named as survey and line identifier (name or number). An example would be 1985/6 16 – this is line 16 of survey 1985/6. The Seismic lines includes sub seabed imaging which provides information about structures below the seabed. The Sonar lines includes seabed imaging which provides information about the roughness of the seabed or simple bathymetric (depth) data. Links to scanned images of geophysical records are provided (where available). The Shot Point layer contains details of all shot points for a survey line.

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